Our Purpose, Our Mission

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Mission Statement

We are Christ-centered, church-focused, culturally relevant, spiritually intentional, biblically based, broadly evangelical and technologically integrated.


1. GOD’S HEALING STREAM God-Given Vision:

To raise up the end-time army of God, composed of warriors and kings who take dominion and reign in life. (Rev 1:6, Romans 5:17)

We will bring city transformation from NYC (our Jerusalem) to China and the uttermost parts of the world.


GHS is a God-focused Spiritual fellowship committed to holiness, daily repentance and consecration.

We value obedience to the Word of God and submission to the Holy Spirit.

We are transformed by the Spirit, we are empowered by the Spirit, and we manifest the works of the Spirit for all to see.

We passionately pray for holy visitations, outpourings of glory, and the tangible manifest presence of God.  We walk in deep Intimacy with God as His sons and daughters, as the body and Bride of Christ, and as His kings and priests on earth.

We are soul winners who bring witness of Jesus Christ at home and abroad.  We are building a New Testament church through love and accountability. We glorify Jesus Christ by reflecting His character.


Mission: Revival

  1. Develop deep intimacy with God through extravagant praise , exuberant prayer in the Spirit and immersion in the Word.
  2. Manifest Christ-like character and power on the personal, regional, and global level.
  3. Embrace the Biblical government of “apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.”
  4. Build New Testament church communities through servanthood, love and accountability.
  5. Equip and send the church forth to carry on the works of Jesus; preparing the church for both suffering and glory.