Meet Donald and Margaret Lee?

Pastor Donald Lee

Reverend Donald Lee

Reverend Donald Lee was supernaturally called by God into the Ministry of the Apostle. In 1975, while evangelizing, the finger of God physically appeared and wrote the word “Apostle” on his forehead. Anointed and equipped with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Reverend Lee and his team have brought the good news of the Gospel to more than 60 nations: from Asia to Australia, from the Orient to North, Central and South America, and from Europe to Africa.

He has preached this gospel with demonstrations of the power of the spirit, risking on several occasions imprisonment in communist countries such as China and Cuba, where churches have been planted.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit, angelic visitations, deliverance, the glory of the kingdom of God, spiritual breakthrough, healing, and taking back territory are highlights of this Ministry. Even children have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gift of prophecy.

Reverend Lee has also directed seminars on subjects such as:

• Intimacy with Jesus
• Praying with the Word of God
• How to hear the voice of God
• How to receive the gifts of the Spirit
• Understanding the flow of the Spirit
• How to grow the anointing in your life
• Why we pray in tongues
• Spiritual warfare
• Intercession and travail
• The call to the Ministry
• Praying for Israel
• The Psalmist Ministry

In 1983, a church fellowship was founded and now operates as “God’s Healing Stream Church” in New York City with an accent on evangelism. Teams witness and preach on the streets, in the trains and prisons, accomplishing the great commission of going along the highways and byways and compelling them to come into the house of the Lord.

[Luke 14:23]

Margaret Lee?

Margaret Lee is the Co-Pastor of God’s Healing Stream Ministry NYC alongside her husband Apostle Donald Lee. She also directe

Pastor Margaret Lee Photo
Pastor Margaret Lee

d a Prayer House for 6 years. She is a Fervent Intercessor and has a Prophetic Ministry.
God has anointed her to Minister to the “Inner diseases of the Soul”, or “Soul Wounds” that handicap the Church of Christ from entering into the Abundant Life. Those “Soul Wounds” caused by Life traumas and sin have created Bondages/Strongholds that bring about Pain, depression, low Self- Esteem, Grief, Anger, but also Physical illnesses such as Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Heart disease, infections, to name a few. The result is unhealthy lives, relationships, marriages, finances, careers, Health, Ministries, etc…

Some define those things as “Bad luck”. But what is “Bad luck”? just another word for Curses/Bondages/Strongholds.

The scenario is that people receive prayer to prosper, be healed, have better relationships, and they seem to get better for awhile and the bad things start all over again. Why? Because the Soul is not healed. Offense, sorrow, grief, low self-esteem are still active in their lives. This weaken the Saint, so that when curses are thrown at them through Witchcraft or negative words, they have no strength to resist the evil.

People primarily need “Inner Healing” to enable long lasting Healing and Deliverance results.  God has given Pastor Margaret Lee the understanding and the anointing to drive out/minister healing to these “inner diseases of the soul”.

Donald & Margaret would definitely be a blessing to your Church.

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