Our History

God’s Healing Stream History:

1974: In March 1974, Pas Lee was baptized with Holy Ghost. The very next day, he prayed 5 hours in tongues, during which he received the vision about China: poor Chinese people dressed in rags with hands lifted up. The Lord showed him that they were reaching out for the promise of happiness from the Chinese government, but it was a lie for there’s no happiness. But they still have their hands raised, and they are really asking: whoever can make us happy, we will take it. Of course, they didn’t realized they were reaching for Jesus.

Missions ChinaGod also revealed to Pas Lee that He will one day send him to China to preach. He said: No, for I am not a Chinese, I am an American. But the vision wouldn’t go away in spite of Pas. Lee’s resistance. It lasted for 5 hours. He kept praying in tongues and started feeling pity for the Chinese people, he said: oh, these poor Chinese people, they are my people, I am a Chinese.

For the first time in his life, he accepted that was Chinese himself, and he started crying for himself and for the Chinese people. Then Holy Ghost had him going into travailing prayer to birth the China Ministry. In 1974, the door of China was still closed. But the ministry was birthed nevertheless.

1975: On Dec 4th 1975, the Finger of God appeared on Pas. Lee’s forehead, writing “Apostle”. The call was confirmed by Apostle & Pastor William Brown at the Salvation & Deliverance Church.

‘80s-early ’90: Pas Lee went to China and Taiwan.

1981: Pas Lee went to Taiwan, ministered at Peter Chu’s church: Taipei Truth Church and released HG movement throughout the whole island. He also ministered to Bread of Life Church. Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, Pas Lee went to Taiwan at least 10 times (sometimes, 3 times a year) until 1999.

1982: At the Ministry location in Times Square, a new anointing of glory was manifested, through singing in tongues and this brought inner healing to many. The name of the Ministry was “Healing Stream Deliverance Church.”This Anointing Set things in motion for change in : 42nd street and Time Square. A New Warfare anointing was also manifested: and this was to enable us to take dominion over the darkness in this area.

1993-1995: Warfare focused on porno. Shops. Spring of 1995, the mayor of NY closed down all porno. Shops and all the greasy spoon restaurants, and brought in Lion King, which changed 42nd street, btw 7th and 8th Ave. This was the first fruit for TS revival.

In 1994, Pas Lee went to Wuhan, China and that exact vision of 1974, came to pass. Almost 100 underground church Pastors were touched by the Holy Spirit as he ministered, and their hands shot up, as in the Vision.

1996: we moved out because the rent was too high. Then God opened the door for Pas. Lee to go to the nations, starting with PR, Cuba, then Africa, then Central and South America.

2002: doors were opened for Pas. Lee to go to Europe.

2004: Prophecy received: GHS had moved out of TS 8 years before but this prophecy came to confirm the calling of God for the Ministry.

Azusa Street Anointing, Away in a Manger, a little old manger in the 41st and 42nd street. A revival barn, where the King of Glory is about to be born; People will be filled with Holy Ghost, signs and wonders will happen. A place where the King of Glory will abide. Spirit of Revival, a tremendous outpouring, a visitation of heaven.

You have been faithful, you haven’t waivered. The whole area of town and whole region impacted. Churches are coming together.  Azusa_Street_Revival

2004: personal life change. Donald & Margaret got married in France.

1996-2007: 103th Street location.

2007-2008: The ministry moved back to mid town 35th, then 38th, now 36th, then name was changed to GHS. [ God’s Healing Stream Church]

2008 – until now: The ministry continues to operate in mid town. Pas. Lee goes overseas on the mission field frequently. As of today, he has visited and lead teams to at least 78 nations, conducting seminars, crusades, discipleship training, church planting in places such as Cuba, Siberia, French West Africa, France, South Pacific Polynesia, China, Taiwan, etc.

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