Women’s Ministry

About “Women To Women”

Changing and Transforming Lives

Our Mission

Women To Women (W2W) is a Christian women’s club with a tri-fold servant’s mission.

1/ First, we strive to spread the gospel.  Jesus commanded His disciples to go into the world and spread the gospel.  As His disciples, W2W brings the good news to the women we touch.

2/ Second, W2W serves to empower women.  Knowledge is power, and as we receive knowledge we are empowered to change our circumstances, our lives and the lives of others.

3/ Last, but not least, W2W serve as a resource for those in need.  With access to a network of individuals and businesses, W2W will assist to meet the physical and emotional needs of women.

Throughout the Bible, we see that Jesus cared for the physical and emotional needs of the people just as much as He cared for their spiritual needs.  In the character of Christ Jesus, W2W also strives to fulfill those needs.

Our Beginnings

About 5 years ago, Pastor Margaret Lee received a word from the Lord to start a Christian women’s club.  The Lord had brought miraculous healing to Pastor Margaret and He wanted her to share her testimony to encourage and be a blessing to other women.  Over the ensuing years, Pastor Margaret received many confirmations of this first word spoken by the Lord.  Finally, having settled somewhat from frequent teaching and mission trips abroad, Pastor Margaret decided it was time, and W2W was launched on March 30, 2013.

Since its very short inception, W2W has already seen great success bringing some to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and creating for others an atmosphere to receive the infilling of the Holy Ghost/gift of speaking in tongues??  Still there are others who express their enjoyment of just being able to fellowship women to women.

Our Vision

Under the tutelage of Apostle Donald Lee, Pastor Margaret comes from a teaching ministry that equips and sends Believers who desire to be used of the Lord out to minister.  It is in this light, that Pastor Margaret also envisions W2W.  Her desire is to see women duplicate this effort to be a blessing to women everywhere.